Project – Pattaya (Phra Tam Nak)

East Region


Construction of Water Drainage Systems Project at Phra Tam Nak Areas, Pattaya City

Project Value: 28,400,000 Baht

Project Duration: October 2020 – June 2021

Scope of work for the project includes installtions of a water pump with a capacity of more than 9 m³ per minute, 55 KW, pressure of 25 meters high and accessories, a water pump with a capacity of more than 8 m³ per minute, 132 KW, pressure of 65 meters high and accessories, 1,328 meters of HDPE dia. 450 mm. pipes and 674 meters of HDPE water drainage pipes with manholes. This project also requires construction of 7-to-9-meter reinforced concrete road at 0.20 meters depth (a total area of 2,690 sq.m.), 0.6-to-2-meter pavement (a total area of 1,330 sq.m.) an extension of electric field coverage with an installation of a transformer and electricity meters.