Project – Mahasarakam

North East Region


Provincial Waterworks Authority’s Water Supply Expansion Project – Mahasarakam-Kantarawichai-Borabue Branches, Muang-Kantarawichai-Borabue Districts, Mahasarakam Provinces

Project Value: 995,000,000 Baht

Project Duration: April 2017 – September 2019

Scope of work for the project includes construction of a 10×31.5-meter raw water pumping station in Ban Din Dam Water Pumping Station, 1,000-m³/day sedementation and purification plants, a 2,000-m³ water reservior, a 10×32-meter pumping station, a 10.5×36-meter gas and chroline distribution station, a 4,000-m³/day rapid sand filter and seperation building, and a reverse water sump building and Government Complex Water Purification Plant, and water treatment and distribution facilities at Kosoompisai Raw Water Pumping Station, Huay Ka Kang Water Purification Station, Borabue Water Distribution Station, Nongjik Water Distribution Station, Kantarawichai Water Distribution Station, and a laying of new water transmission pipelines.