Project Duration: September 2019 – December 2021

Project – EEC Bangkla – Chachoengsao

East Region


Provincial Waterworks Authority’s Water Supply Expansion Project – Panomsarakam-Bangkla-Plangyao-Klongna-Tepparat-(EEC) branches, Panomsarakam-Bangkla-Plangyao-Klongna-Tepparat and Ban Pho districts, Chachoengsao Province

Project Value: 1,447,000,000 Baht

Project Duration: September 2019 – December 2021

This project is an installation of 10,331-meter HDPE pipes located in the business area of Pathumthani. Due to high demand for water, Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) chose to use HDPE dia. 1,200 mm, which is unprecedented for PWA projects. The construction methods include HDD, pipe jacking as well as traditional open-cut pipe installation. This project also requires high level of safety and good communication to public in order to ensure the least negative impact to the community.